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Laughing Through It All

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Christmas hats and scarves.
pool  book
starchaser57 wrote in sunshine10700
A friend of mine has introduced me to the kniffty knitters. We were trying to figure out how to make those fashionable scarves using the new fun yarn. It isn’t easy to work with fun fir and eyelash yarn and the boa yarn. She found the kniffty knitter and showed me. We have been going to town ever since. I started afghans for Christmas last January. I did five. Yes, five. I did that by setting a schedule. I decided that I had so many weeks per afghan. That meant that I had to do so many inches or so many squares a day leaving time to finish each afghan whether that meant just the border or putting the squares together and then adding the boarder. I did it. I even had time to do six of those scarves with the kniffty knitter. They were great fun. Then I got carried away. I made one of those fancy scarves for every single niece I have and a hat for every nephew. The scarves take me two days to do. My friend can rip them out in a day. The hats are different story. Two hours at the most. I whipped hats out for everyone I know. Cute. My goodness those things are cute. I made camouflage hats for the little nephews, those small enough to still love playing army and hunting. I made hats to match jackets of the older nephews. Even though my brothers and father are getting their own camouflage hats. I made a hat for my grandmother who loves soft hats. They are lovely. The real problem is that I still have yarn and time and empty Christmas bags. Everyone I know will have warm ears the rest of this winter.
Yesterday, I watched Christmas movies as I made about ten dozen cookies and three hats. It was a great day. My floor still needs to be vacuumed but I have hats for three more people. Priorities. Got to have priorities.